About Our Services

•24/7 Access to Game Film

Watch on your computer, phone, tablet, or television.

•Optimized YouTube Uploading

We've developed a system that takes every clip you record of a game and organizes them in a single YouTube playlist. This saves you time when uploading massive video files, and by using YouTube you keep your game film even if you decide not to renew your service with us.

•Centralized Film Location

•Easy-to-Navigate Interface

Share film with players, parents, or other coaches while knowing that your game film is only accessible to those you grant access to.

•Every Game

We don't put a limit on how many games we'll take stats on. If the game is on your athletic associations schedule, we'll take care of it.

•48 Hour Turnaround

You upload a game, and 48 hours later the stats are available on your Blueprint Stats portal, and anywhere you have stats automatically uploaded.

•27 Statistical Categories

We take 27 stats on every player on your team, every game.


(Feature optional, but free if activated) Within 48 hours of uploading your film, we'll have the stats uploaded to your teams MaxPreps.com page where they can be compared to other teams in the nation and state, and seen by college scouts and coaches.

•League Database

(Feature optional, but free if activated) If the athletic association your school belongs to requires teams to upload statistics for each game, we'll automatically put them there within 48 hours of you uploading film. (available only for schools belonging to certain athletic associations, contact us to see if you qualify)

Between our active Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, we make a post on at least one platform after each of your games featuring an outstanding team or individual statistic. Share our content with your communities to generate buzz around your stats!

Easy-to-Use Interface

At Blueprint Stats, we do things differently. Instead of expecting coaches to adapt to our technology, we build our technology around coaches. With our service, things are stripped-down, ensuring that coaches can utilize everything that they pay for. We focus on showing stats in relevant context, so that they can be used to build a smarter team.

Let Us Bring the Hype

At Blueprint Stats, we get excited when one of our teams or players perform well. That's why we want to tell the world about it. We constantly post your successes on our social media accounts (with your permission) so that you can share the content with your communities and players. Not only does this build buzz around your program, but also around your players and their abilities.

The Industry's Best

We contract only the very best basketball minds to be our statisticians. When you sign up with Blueprint Stats, we ensure that the same statistician does each of your games so that they can learn your team, resulting in faster and more accurate results. Learn more about our industry-leading team of statisticians by clicking below.
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