Allowing Blueprint Stats Access to KHSAA Uploads

Please note: Completing these steps will give Blueprint Stats access to your teams KHSAA backend and is necessary so that we can upload stats to this site. Also, only athletic directors can complete these steps. The KHSAA system does not allow coaches to give permission to statistician accounts.


To allow us access, have your athletic director follow these instructions:
1. Log into the site with your athletic director credentials
2. Click “Maintain School Admin Personnel And Coaches”
3. Click “Maintain School Coaching Personnel”
4. Click “Search/Add Person”
5. Search for First Name: Blake, Last Name: Hawley (that is our lead statistician who handles the uploading of all stats)
6. Click Blake Hawley (
7. Add us to the high school girls team on the right side of the page
8. Check the boxes for Video Crew, Scorekeeper, and Statistician
9. Save the changes


If you have further questions, please Contact Us.
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