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A new online video breakdown and statistical analysis tool that helps teams

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Accurate stats


Our stats are recorded by trained, third party statisticians and double-checked by machine learning algorithms.

Fast breakdowns


Our average turnaround time of 24 hours speaks for itself: we're built for speed out of the box.

Next-gen data


We're built on cutting edge technology that gets better every day. For data that is future-ready, look to Blueprint.

Record your Game

Record your game to any device, or have one of our camera partners take care of it for you.

Record your game

Upload to Blueprint

After the game, use your computer or mobile device to access the Blueprint Stats web application and upload your film.

Upload your game

Get Your Data

The day after uploading, get your full game breakdown and in-depth stats, including stat maps, roster analysis, and advanced box scores.

Receive your breakdown

See what’s inside

When you create an account on Blueprint Stats, you’re unleashing all of the industry-standard features, and then some.


From season trends to the latest stats, your dashboard shows you the most relevant information about your team.

Detailed Stats

Whether you’re looking for player +/-, court location maps for every stat, or turnover causes, Blueprint records it.

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Invite the Squad

The learning doesn’t stop with you: invite your whole team to access film, breakdowns, and more.

Film Breakdowns

Go past the box score by seeing where each event happened in the film, sorted by player or event type.