Our Stats

Our stats are what create value for teams, and by offering the most relevant and advanced analysis possible, our teams perform better. The stats below all come with our Season Pass, meaning there is no extra cost for our advanced statistics.

Basic Statistics

  • Minutes (MIN) – Rounded to nearest whole number
  • Field goals made (FGM)
  • Field goals attempted (FGA)
  • 2-point field goals made (2FGM)
  • 2-point field goals attempted (2FGA)
  • 3-point field goals made (3FGM)
  • 3-point field goals attempted (3FGA)
  • Free throws made (FTM)
  • Free throws attempted (FTA)
  • Defensive rebounds (DRB)
  • Offensive rebounds (ORB)
  • Assists (AST)
  • Turnovers (TO)
  • Steals (STL)
  • Blocks (BLK)
  • Charges taken (CHR)
  • Personal fouls (PF)
  • Technical fouls (TF)
  • Deflections (DEF)

Calculated Statistics

  • Field goal percentage (FG%)
  • 2-point field goal percentage (2FG%)
  • 3-point field goal percentage (3FG%)
  • Free throw percentage (FT%)
  • Points (PTS)
  • Total rebounds (REB)
  • Assist-to-turnover ratio (AST:TO)
  • Player plus/minus (P/M)

Advanced Statistics

Effective Field Goal %


This field goal percentage takes into account that 3’s are worth more than 2’s, and adjusts it accordingly. For instance, if #5 shoots 3/9 from three, and 5/8 from two, they have a FG% of 47% (8/17). However, they have an effective field goal percentage of 56% ([3*1.5+5]/17). This gives a more representative look at a players hit percentage.

Player Usage


This stat attempts to quantify how much of your offense runs through a particular player. A high usage number means the players “uses” a lot of your offensive possessions, while a low usage means they use very few.

Points per Shot Attempt


This is exactly what it sounds like: a players points divided by their shot attempts. Especially for high-volume shooters, this stat measures exactly what you are getting every time they put one up.

Assisted Rate


This tells you how many of a players made field goals were assisted. We calculate it as field goals made off of an assist divided by total field goals made. While a higher or lower number isn’t necessarily better or worse, it does depend on the offensive strategy. You want this number to be lower for players who you want scoring off the dribble, and higher for catch and shoot players (perhaps Centers or shooters).

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